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Currently viable applications include utilization of soil samples in order to engineer bacterial-based enhancements for crops, while avoiding any form of plant genetic modification, thus revolutionizing the field of agriculture in a profitable and eco-friendly manner. Such enhancements include the engineering of soil-specific biofertilizers or biopesticides, by examining the natural state and bacterial composition of the soil and providing “personalized medicine” for the field. 


This proposed agricultural engineering exceeds existing alternatives not only by offering a safe and eco-friendly solution, but by providing much higher lifetime value. The initial treatment could be maintained through periodic tweaks over time, forming a long-term relationship with the client. Such processes could be integrated into existing field care regimens in a highly personalized and specific manner, designed to fit the exact needs of farmers or agriculture companies.

How can we help?

 Our vision is to innovate agrotech and reduce the use of harmful soil additives by integrating and optimizing the natural system, using cutting-edge microbial engineering. We plan to apply this versatile technology to microbial communities in various industries, all while providing them with the same levels of biosafety and enhancement.

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